District 123

District 123 Realignment

Each year, Districts are mandated to make alignment changes to account for new clubs, lost clubs, and clubs which change meeting location. The goal of alignment is to ensure that each club is supported within the District. The creation of District 123 also creates more leadership opportunities for members.

District 123 Alignment Team’s Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision: To create an Alignment Plan that services clubs and areas in the most effective   way possible.

Mission / Objectives: To take into consideration key requirements from Toastmasters International in developing the alignment of Districts 60 and 86 clubs that will be in District 123 by July 1, 2021.

The objective is to have balanced areas with a mixture of high-performing clubs with new clubs and those who have growth opportunities keeping in mind the location and meeting times of the clubs.

Values: To communicate and recommend solutions with our team and stakeholders within the framework of our Toastmasters Values of Integrity, Respect, Service & Excellence.

Current Status

The latest realignment report was just published to both District websites on Feb. 11th. I encourage all club executive teams to review the report and be aware of the changes. Page 7 of the report has a great visual map of the Division boundaries within our new District.

District 123 Alignment for 2021-2022 – District 60 Website

District 123 Alignment for 2021-2022 – District 86 Website

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