My Campaign

Why should you vote for me?


One of the biggest challenges we face every day is change. I embrace change as an opportunity. Experience plays an important role in leadership. I am an experienced leader ready to manage the changes and opportunities that come with the creation of a new District.

  • 23 years as a Toastmaster member
  • 19 years as a Club Officer
  • 6 years as a member of the District Executive Committee
  • 2 years as an Area Governor
  • 1 term as District Governor


Toastmasters has helped me become more self-aware and confident in both my communication skills and leadership abilities. I have achieved success and recognition throughout my time in Toastmasters as a leader within my clubs, Area, and District.

  • Led my District to Distinguished status as District Governor
  • Led my Area to President’s Distinguished Status during both terms
  • Recognized as Area Governor of the Year
  • Led my club to 15 straight years of President’s Distinguished Status
  • Successfully sponsored two new clubs


I realized my passion for Toastmasters the first time I was elected Club President. I pride myself on being a life-long learner and my Toastmasters leadership journey is a huge part of it. I feel that passion when members complete their Ice Breaker, take on a meeting role for the first time, or step up to challenge themselves in a leadership role. As an experienced leader and mentor, I am a positive role model for future leaders of our District and want to instill the same passion in them.

Toastmasters International Core Values

The Core Values of Toastmasters need to be part of every leader’s mantra within this worldwide organization. When we volunteer as leaders, we become role models for thousands of other Toastmasters. As your District Director, I will live these values everyday.

  • Integrity: I will serve honestly, morally, and follow all governing policies of Toastmasters International
  • Respect: I will lead with regard for differing opinions of members in an inclusive environment
  • Service: I will perform my duties as leader to the best of my ability
  • Excellence: I will strive to achieve excellence in all facets of my role as District Director

For an interesting perspective on the relative importance of each core value, here is a link to a June 2016 article written by Past International President, Jim Kokocki. Toastmasters Magazine – June 2016